"Missing You"

I am so scared, I am trembling -
Where is my dignity and pride?
Thought I was in the right direction
When I tossed them both aside.

On your way to someone else,
Oh, the things you throw away!
Forgetting you may just need them
When the passion goes away.

I am feeling like quite a fool
Because today I now realize
I was never in your heart -
No tomorrows in your eyes.

Your kisses made no promises
Except the ones that I pretended
I changed it all to suit myself
From what you really had intended

I never meant to deceive us both,
But now I don't know what to do -
You haunt me like a gentle ghost and
On my heart your name's tattooed

Today I'm missing you so much
That I don't know what to do
Though I've tried so very hard
I can't stop myself missing you

1992 poetheart

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