"My Rosamund"

You made your dreams my dreams -
  And then we both dreamed the same dreams
You convinced me that your wishes
  And your hopes were mine too
And we both kept vigil over them

If you were hurt, I felt the pain
  And when you were the target, I took the hit
When you smiled, I felt the joy
  If you were happy, my heart simply soared
When you looked at me, that was my reason to be...

When your dreams faded in time
  And your wishes diminished and disappeared,
You turned and walked away
When our sandcastles washed into the sea,
  You went ahead and built new ones - without me
When hope and dream melted,
  Reducing us to aching hearts and crying eyes,
You blamed me for it
So I blamed myself for it too

Oh Rosamund! My fairweather love!
Nothing has changed for you
Nothing has changed for me
You go on reinventing yourself
  And I live vicariously even now
We are both doing just fine...aren't we?

1994 poetheart

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