It is May and the blossoms decorate the yard
The garden is resurrected
And is very much alive like my heart
My heart sings to the light and warmth
And to the skies and the scented air
All empowered with the force of life
Such an insinuation of a multitude of good things -
Promises of immortality and continuance
My senses are so heightened and vivid

It is safe here and I find such tranquility
Everything is here walking beside me
Serenity not being the least
Gently holding my hand
And caressing my being
I am also accompanied by passion
As the nature of this hemisphere
Takes me in her arms
And pleads with me to go ahead and sweep her up

I smell reality here and breathe the beauty deeply
My eyes are inundated and I bathe my senses
My appetite is aroused so I feast like a glutton
Devouring all my eyes can see
And consuming the peace and satisfaction
Basking in the patterns and the flows
Listening to my heart beat with gladness
Hearing the whispers of my life clearly
Without complications, misinterpretations, negativity
Listening to the music of life makes me want to dance

May will deepen and become June
And all I feel now will become even more intense
Outside my garden walls some other reality exists
Various degrees of the absence of all this
But here in this place I have everything
I am unaffected, untouched - my life unblemished -
Safety and satisfaction dwell here inside my sanctuary

1982 poetheart

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