Children sobbing and crying quietly,
Bodies of their dead fathers laid out in rows -
Along the gutters and in the alleys...
Weeping mothers at random in the doorways,
And in the squares and on the streets -
A most surreal scene!
Media cameras have captured
Facial expressions and zombie body movements,
But the true reality is forever nebulous -
The fathomless depths of pain invisible.

Cool eyes unflinching, unblinking -
Staring emptily with nebulous focus,
Faces of the witnesses to the war crimes...
Pain engraved from here to eternity -
Hatred and fear came in the night,
In the form of gunfire and bombs blasting...
Cowardly monsters came to find and destroy -
Seeking those faces who would face them
Hidden by the shadows of the very same night
Blanketing my own children in comfort and security

While my children were safe in their beds,
Hearing lullabyes and listening to fairy tales,
Halfway around the world
Hatred came like a savage thief -
Robbing childhoods and taking lives.
And gunfire was the only lullabye
And horror was the only story
Oh, people of Sarajevo!
My heart is torn by every heartbreak you feel
And your cries are heard around the world.

1997 poetheart

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