"Stroll on a Rainy Night"

We knew those moments were measured
Precious to us and even more so in time.
We held out our hearts to each other -
Right out there in the rain.
Permitting all of our secrets to drip
Running down so we could lick them up
And taste the flavor of one another's soul.
Strolling past all the closed shops,
With their protective cages drawn,
We knew we required no such protection.
Togther we strolled naked and transparent.

We strolled leisurely, arm in arm,
The rain rolling down our faces.
So we played and we laughed
Under the street lights,
Along the parking meters.
We didn't even know enough
To come in out of the rain!
Our hearts were unburdened,
And our sprits were free.
We rejoiced, drenched in our freedom
And our very liberating love.

1979 poetheart

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