Two glasses on the table, but only one was filled tonight,
  The empty place seats no one to share my candlelight.
I whisper your name softly to remember I have a voice -
  Aching and alone again, but not by my own choice
The music plays on faithfully - a dance for only one?
  There is no one to seduce me when the song is done.

All that I could ask for and I have but just one dream:
  To have you here beside me and all that it would mean.
The moon outside my window as I prepare to go to bed
  Alone: no love beside me - just the one inside my head!
But I am not really alone and these rooms are not so hollow
  For wherever one's mind wanders, the heart will surely follow.

I am really there with you wherever you may be -
  I just can't help but wonder - Are you ever here with me?

1997 poetheart

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