"We Will"

We will be as one.
We will both drink lustily
From the Cup of Life.
I knew this from the first moment we met.
The secrets held by the walls will be released.
Those secrets we have whispered in our sleep
Or revealed during passion
Take my hand and we will be on our way -
Together as one.
I have felt this all along.

We will go with life's flow
Allowing ourselves to flow in the stream of Life.
Let it take us wherever it is going -
It doesn't matter.
Our hearts will pound to the beat of angel's wings.
Our eyes will see the bliss of the world
And be oblivious to the shadows and the darkness.

We will be together -
Can you feel it too?
Please tell me that you do!
Each night we will go to bed satisfied -
That we are together and have each other,
That we satisfy our thirst lustily from the Cup of Life

We will never have the regret that we weren't together
Or ever be sorry that we were.
We will never have to say that we feared to try,
That the moon was covered by the clouds,
That the street lights didn't go to the end of our road.
Let's say "We will" and do it.

Let's sing a duet in harmony,
Recite a poem in perfect rhyme,
And dance to the theme of Life.
Let's promise each other nothing yet everything.
Let's start by saying:
"We will."

1976 poetheart

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