"The Poem"

I received this poem from Dona Pearson just today.  She says of it: "The story behind this poem is that it was a collaborative effort, a series of thoughts sent to me by a friend, to which I added more thoughts and then it became a poem. For this reason, I do not claim "ownership" of it entirely. But, anyway, here you have it, 'The Poem'."  - poetheart 06/17/01

Your words ring in my ears,
like an echo of the hope I feel...
that you love me, too,
My spirits soar like a eagle
a plane into the blue horizon...
My heart is filled,
no longer with sorrow, no regret,
but only with a shamelessly elated hope
that love is alive, and that you are falling for me

As a flower blooms,
another kind of blossom is unfolding,
a tender thing that clings in its loveliness
to the strength of a living vine,
the ageless, timeless tree
whose fruit falls to the earth
and plants its tender seed,
the seed of love, sweet inspiration:

There is no substitute for love,
that timeless love,
no more than Summer can replace Fall,
but love's warmth fulfills all need
and warms with a steady flame,
though Winter brings snow and the cold northern chill...
Your love will kindle the fire in me

When you speak, your words touch me...
as if your fingers run through my hair,
Your hands caress my back, and
I am rendered weak by your touch,
but made strong by my love for you...
so that now, even in my vulnerable state..
I know beyond knowing that I can survive anything
because love enlivens me...
By love I am renewed.

by Dona Lou Pearson and Friend

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