"On This 4th of July"

To commemorate this Independence Day Patricia composed this after viewing fireworks in the area where she lives.  - poetheart 07/03/02

Folding chairs and flashlights
The old couple sits and claps
Reclined on their blankets
Girls hug guys and sit on their laps.

An arrow shoots upward
In a fiery blast
The sparks trail through the darkness
But its glow doesn't last.

The white-yellow embers fizzle and fade
The crowd ooohs and ahs in a serenade
In a field of cotton candy, full of mosquito sprays
It's July 4th, just like the old days!

The hatch back up in a sandy lot of dust
Kiddies scared to come out, but of course, they must
Because the sight of the fireworks fills them with wonder
Flashing like lightning and crashing like thunder.

The colors -- magnificent, sparkle and bloom
They sizzle, crackle, and go ba-ba-BOOM!
Some screamers zigzag, others shoot higher yet
The reds, whites and blues, for the patriotic set.

Oh, how I'm a kid again
On the hill where I sit
Under warm summer skies
That glow as they're lit.

Fireworks, fireworks-light brightly the sky
Where have the years gone-on this 4th of July?
Kool-Aid to Coke to Carafes of fine wines
Looking up, I sip summer and think of all those times.

by Patricia Lynn

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