"Alone They Wait In Silence"

I absolutely love this beautiful new poem Patty submitted early this month. It's an amazing poem and I am very impressed by it.  - poetheart 04/21/03

Alone they wait in silence
In absent-minded hearts
Pretending there is no danger
In playing out their parts.

He can only dream of a future with
A bride to take along
She can only foresee herself
Singing out his song.

And so he muddles restlessly
Through the endless days
Hoping to make sense through eyes
Filled with a lover's gaze.

Pretending she gives herself away
In leather, silk and lace
And balancing out what age has worn
Across her timeless face.

Who shall know if time will show
Their paths will someday cross?
So they may meet in reality
And no longer suffer lover's loss.

by Patricia Lynn

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