"A Poet Like Me?"

Patricia is very entertaining with this light hearted poem.  - poetheart 02/13/02

You're a poet- like me?
This is too good to be!
I write and I write
I'm hooked in the thought
A friend who's also a poet?
Like a fish I am caught!

Yes, like a trout, No doubt
Here dangling on your line
Your words, your poetry
Your feelings like mine.

Yes, we reel in our catch
With fresh poetic bait
And under the sea...
Make each wee creature wait

For the draw of the lure
Of such linguistic skill
Has them swim up to the hook
Against their free will.

So glad you admire
The poet in me
Likewise, I am entangled
By your pulling poetry!

The romance and magic
The sounds and the meter
All click and hum--"I've got one!"
Nothings neater!

For all you great writers
And Poets I wish--
Joy in casting your words
And in "catching your fish".

by Patricia Lynn

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