"Believe In Yourself"

This new poem by Patricia would win the "best contribution of the month" award if I had one. I like this poem a lot.  - poetheart 01/12/03

To one and all a gallant gent
Who vowed to live his life
With an open heart and make his mark
he took a wife.

He gathered noble causes
And set out to conquer all
Crafting to perfection
The man's duty was his call.

On mountaintops he personified
Wisdom beyond his years
He'd waited until this moment
To face his futile fears.

Would his mastermind ever manage
To hear what his heart had come to say?
"Why did I go? Why didn't I know?
I should have never let her slip away."

And so it is with marriage
A man must figure out
Why he second-guesses
Why he has to doubt.

Doubt any woman could meet his standards
For surely he has grown
Into such a marvelous creature--
But barely believes he measures up
To standards of his own.

by Patricia Lynn

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