"Blue Eyes"

This was written by a 29 year old copywriter for an advertising firm who lives in Brooklyn, New York. Of his poem, Lucien says "it is a simple narrative account that I felt inspired to write about right after I visited your website, so in many ways it owes its life to your website."  - poetheart 08/26/01

The night is dark
The air is cool
I hear you call
There is no choice I rise.......

I go to you
In another place
I draw close
I feel your need
Your arms reach out
And mine meet yours.......

You are there
And I am here
We are together now
You look up at me
And I look down at you.......

Those eyes
So blue
So pure
So sweet
I feel so safe
You feel so soft
We are together now
I wonder how
Those eyes
Can make me feel
So complete.......


You break the silence
"You're beautiful"
"It's you," I say
We are complete.

by Lucien Tuema

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