"Campus Courting"

Patricia wrote this just last week.  - poetheart 02/14/02

Under the stairwell steps
Leaning back against the bricks
He waits in anticipation.
She passes as predicted
On time and half conflicted
As she surmises his expectation.

He's shadowing her each day
Across campus but has yet to say
Hello or ask how she's doing
But he tracks her clicking heels
And all the while she feels
That it's she that he's pursuing.

Each midday there's this pattern
She clicks along the walk
He looks but does not talk
Then drops his skateboard
Pushes, pedals and glides off-
So as not to stalk.

On this day he rubs his chin
And greets her with a grin
At the landing between the stairs.
She smiles right back at him
And a new pattern is about to begin
Of friendlier focused stares.

A week of grins and graceful boarding
A modern kind of courting
And he knows the time is ripe…
So he sides up to her and talks
Her heels echoing as she walks
And decides that he's her type.

Out on the lawn she briefly pauses
Shakes her shoulders and arches her back
To unload her heavy pack.
He watches there in amazement
As there upon the pavement
She velcro's her skates with skillful knack.

Spellbound-- he jumps onto his board!
Ah- this duo has struck a chord
In the hearts of all who see
Two skaters whizzing by
Both on a youthful high
And gaze so happily
At what is, seems
It was meant to be.

by Patricia Lynn

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