"My Heart's One Desire"

Sometime last year (around this time of year), Patricia wrote this poem. She has decided to share it with us this holiday.  - poetheart 12/20/02

In search of Christmas Spirit and feeling no where near it
I trudge through crowds who've flocked to the mall, with lists they shop for one and all
But I can't decide what I should buy or if I should even attempt to try
And keep the frenzied, frantic pace of holiday shoppers who must win the race.

What meaning is there in a sweater? Or in a wallet, made of leather?
I know I've bought these things before I wrapped them up, from many a store
I've boxed the ties, drug dolls and toys for nieces and nephews, uncles and boys;
And robes and crystal and candles, too, for mother and sister and teachers, too.

But this year it seems nothing will do.

My heart is heavy in spite of December's distraction
And with crumpled lists I have little reaction
To the sales in circulars from the Sunday's Press
It's hard to be happy-I must confess.

The bell ringers' ring and the sale-hunters strut
But I roam and I wander with no joy in my gut--
It's hard to know just where to go
To get that special thing for someone when you're drifting apart-
There is no purchase or package or card
That will bring back the feelings I've searched for, so hard.

The gizmos and gadgets and red colored attire do little to fill my heart's one desire-
To make love feel new!

So I march with the throngs through the mayhem and madness
And hope just one thing will spark true gladness
And bring me back to that wonderful place
Where carolers sing and each smiling face, helps me believe I'll embrace

A Merry Christmas.

by Patricia Lynn

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