The Poems of Cristy Ramirez

These are the poems of Cristy Ramirez. Cristy is from New Mexico.  - poetheart

"My Angel"      "Cry For You"      "What I Have Been"       "Open"

"Our Song"       "Sing Me The Blues, Baby"      "The Song She Leaves"

"Alive"      "Kisses"       "Lost"      "This Girl"      "Always There"

"Places"      "Not Tonight"      "America's Spirit"       "Stitches"

"Hands"      "Laughter"       "Bitter"       "The Shirt"

"Silent Prayers"       "Leaving You"      "December Baby"       "Remedy"

"Dreams of Love"     "Your Shadows"      "Shared Secrets"

"Alone At Two AM"          "Breakdown"         "My Soldier"

"The Poet's Heart"        "Release"       "To Receive You"        "For You"

"Home To Me"         "Fifty Summers Ago"       "Travelling"

"Prayer"          "Mexico"       (NEW)  "Lessons"     (NEW)  "Summer Warmth"

(NEW)  "Rock You Back To Stability"

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