"Cross the Bridge to Bright Tomorrows"

I like this optimistic poem by Patricia. I would certainly like to cross this bridge when I come to it.  - poetheart 02/14/02

On weary feet you're walking
On the blisters of your past
You're aching and alone now
How long can this last?

Just ahead you see it
Near the woods below the ridge
It calls to you in sunshine
The optimistic bridge

All the world awaits you
We're waiting on this side
Cross the bridge to reach us
Our arms are open wide

"Cross the bridge to bright tomorrows"
Says a voice from the flowing stream
Make a new beginning
Dare to dream your dream.

All the world awaits you
Let it wait no more
It sees you and your goodness
What are you waiting for?

Your future will be brighter
When you leave your cares behind
Cross the bridge a new man
And happiness you'll find.

by Patricia Lynn

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