"Dear Drake, or summer love in winter time"

This poem was written by Adrian, 21 years old who lives in Antwerp, Belgium and who is studying fashion. This was written for a good friend, while away on a holiday, escaping the cold Belgian winter for the start of the hot Philippine summer.   - poetheart 08/24/00

Cold snow slid down my back
Hot rays of the sun burn my face
Last you were my winter coat
Now you're just my Ray Ban shades

I have to tear you up, all apart
In two or three
In a t-shirt, a coat or shades
You have to guard me
From the fluctuating weather
For my soul's a hot noon or many rainy days

If only you could be my skin
No need for t-shirts, coats and shades
Weather is like an infatuation
Like my soul, it's just a phase

by Adrian, January, 2000

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