I received this poem from Patricia just last week.  I like the images.  - poetheart 02/14/02

The faint laughter beyond my backyard
That my ears can barely hear
The blue jay on the furthest property line
I watch from my window-disappear
As it flies into the atmosphere.
Both become distant
Only here for an instant,
Then gone.
These sounds and sights
Like youthful days and nights
Have vanished in the distance.
Night's blinking planes fade in moonlit clouds
Familiar faces blur amongst the crowds
Distant thunder as it rumbles like
Faraway trains across the tracks
Is my perception defective?
Or is it-my intuition lacks
The unique distinction
To instinctively decipher meaning
From these symbols of distance?
Do they serve as signs?
Telling me to draw the lines
So that I might keep my distance,
To fight with great resistance
The urge to reminisce with persistence,
This persistence to relive the distant past.
Can there be a peaceful coexistence?
Or must I keep some distance
Between my present and my past?

by Patricia Lynn

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