"A Dozen Roses"

By "Big Al" Peterson 1997

A dozen roses were delivered
she took them at the door.
The card said that he loved her
each day a little more.
This made her feel uncomfortable
in fact, it made her feel quite ill.
For she was packing up and leaving him
for the dreams he couldn't fulfill.
She shut her eyes, she shed a tear
with the box upon her lap.
How could he be so blind she thought
to the ever widening gap.
The memories were just a blur
as she thought of past events.
She'd loved him once, but, now felt the guilt
of the broken sacraments.
She would not reconsider
the damage had been done.
It's a game that's always played
but no one's ever won.
When he came home he found a note
upon the box it sat.
She was gone, but in that box
the contents lie intact.

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