The Poems of Eunice Irwin

These are the poems of Eunice Irwin. Eunice is from New York.  - poetheart

                            "2000 + 1"        "Looking Glass"        "Poetry Perception"

"No Ethnic Compromise"       "Abandoned Old Factory"       "Winter Pilgrim"

"Energy Conversion"        "Eternal Finish Line"         (NEW)  "Clock Tower"

 (NEW)  "Egotistic Babe"       (NEW)  "Finding Time"     (NEW)  "Hill Up Above, Valley Below"

(NEW)  "Psychedelic Field of Dreams"      (NEW)  "Inversion Space"

(NEW)  "Nocturnal Interdiction"          (NEW)  "Random Rendezvous Perchance"     

(NEW)  "Smart Guys and Dumb Guys"         (NEW)  "The Maid Made The Tea"

(NEW)  "Comet Bright"       (NEW)  "Freedom's Veil"        (NEW)  "Asking Why?"      

 (NEW)  "Bread of Life"        (NEW)  "Back Alley Cryer"

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