"I hear you"

        This poem by Amber Smith was written last year in 2000.  - poetheart 07/14/01

It wasn't long ago that I heard your voice,
That I saw your face,
That I held your hand,
That I felt your sweet embrace.
It seemed like only yesterday when we talked,
When we first kissed,
When we walked along side by side,
When I remembered what I missed.
You only call once a month,
Only talk about eight minutes at a time,
Only speak of your new girlfriend now,
Only, if only, you were still mine.
I hear you when you talk to me,
Hear you when you listen,
Hear you when you whisper softly,
Hear you when you are missing.
I know now what I did,
Know now what I have done,
Know now what I let slip away,
Know now how we had so much fun.
You may not have liked me,
May not even liked me a little,
May not even at all,
May not even in the middle.
You told me that you liked me,
Told me that you loved me and cared,
Told me after we broke up you wanted to stay friends,
Told me it was a special thing we shared.

By Amber Smith

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