"Near the Highlands"

I received this poem today and the author wrote this preface to her poem.  "Many of the poems that I've written have been inspired in one way or another, for quite some time, by someone very special to me, Matthew."  I am pleased to post her poem.  -poetheart 08/30/00


 A soft breeze caresses her body while she rests near a field of blue, pink
and white flowers,
       their petals dance slowly from this same caress...hypnotizing her.
 Gentle warmth of the sun relaxes her while also teasing the flowers to
release their fragrance,
       an aroma as soft as the petals touch...she joins the dance.
 Arms outstretched to the sky she twirls and bends slowly imitating that dance
ever sweet,
       knowing none other...she is free.
 Catching sight of the ring upon her finger given her by her beloved she
smiles softly,
       the source of her bliss in this dance...it is he.

by Linda

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