The Poems of John R. Yaws
(August, 2001 Featured Poet)

These are the poems of John R. Yaws (pen name John Buchanan). John is a volunteer prison chaplain and creator of "Traveler's Tales" from Houston, Texas area. John was featured in August, 2001 and you can read that interview by going to the interview section of my site.  - poetheart

"Forged In Flame"

"Write On"          "Leroy's Lament"          "Leroy's Cadillac Story"

 "Poets and Poetry"      "The Poet's Dilemma"     "The Poet's Despair"    "The Poet's Desire"

   (NEW)  "The Traveler's Tales Page"   

 "With Every Single Breath"      "The Wall"       "For Lack of Inspiration"    

 "I Would Rather Have the Pen"       "Noblesse Oblige"   

"All The World's A Stage"           "I Am a Coward"         "Always"

"Gone"          "For You"         "In Closing"

"Thanksgiving (From the Turkey's Point of View)"

"Love With You"            "No Offense"          "The Lonely Troubador"

"Live"           "Wisdom"            "In Your Heart You Never Change"

"I Could Never Feel Alone"      (NEW)  "The One Wound That Time Cannot Heal"

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