This is a poem I received today from a site visitor. I like it very much for its message in such beautiful language. The author is William Donaway and this is his first poem on poetheart.com. I hope that there will be more of his work here soon.  - poetheart 06/16/00


When the clouds stretch across the sky,
Full moon, setting sun
May every worry dissolve.
Take solace in good company;
Life's best comfort.
When lightning and thunder disrupt the sky,
Be glad of the same, For life exists in the present.
Not the future or past. And so
(With consideration to both)
Choose wisely for the moment.
For the correct moment
Is what the mind, body, and soul truly need.
Love exists all around you.
Focus on It. It is lifeblood.
Hate exists all around you as well.
Accept it and move on,
It can not harm your true being,
Though it can be a great hindrance.
Not harmful yet hindering all at once.
Be in right existence.

by William Donaway

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