"To A Long Lost Friend"

Patricia wrote this for an old friend.  - poetheart 02/15/02

It was only yesterday
The time has surely flown
Us--two birds of a feather
Could we have ever known?

With miles of time between us
Would there be anything left to say
Beyond the fun of the 70's
And the music we loved to play?

How delighted and elated
That after all this time apart
Both of us are still basically the same
Sentimental and good at heart!

I'm keeping you closer to me
Can't lose your link to my past
'Cause time moves much too quickly
And I'm getting older very fast.

We speak the same lame lingo
And have roots in the same hometown
It's awesome to catch up with you
Whenever you're around.

How swell it's been to capture
The youth you bring will never end
I'm so glad I rediscovered you
My treasured long lost friend!

by Patricia Lynn

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