"Montana in the Arizona Pine"

I received this poem from Roberta (a close friend of Dona Lou's daughter Janine) a few months ago. It's a beautiful poem with great images and a wonderful message.  - poetheart 11/07/02

As I sit on my front porch
Long shadows cast upon me by a sheltering Arizona Pine
The breeze passes thru the branches
I am taken back to a much happier place

A place far from my desert home
Where white-capped mountains are dressed in satin clouds
Elk and moose roam free thru cattail marshes
Tall grasses hide toads in waiting for the afternoon rains

Rivers and ponds are brimming with life
Trout ready to be caught for the evening meal

Winter snows blanket the fields
To shelter summer hay
Icicles form on cabin eves
As the weight of the season crackles in the tre

White birch & willows change colors with the season
Beckoning the life of the forest to re-birthing

My mind lingers there in this beautiful place
The place of my birth
Of peace
Of God's almighty grace

by Roberta Keast

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