"Our Hearts Questions"

"This poem was written many years ago (1990), in Tennessee, as I sat along a creek in the Fall with my journal, and listened to the wind and its message. This is how it came across to my heart." - Trudy Gruber

This poem was submitted by Trudy Gruber, a mother and massage therapist in the process of setting up her new business. This poem is about to be published by the International Library of Poetry in a book of poetry called "Nature's Echoes" due out sometime later this year. I am very pleased to post this poem. - poetheart 01/13/01

As a leaf falls happily to the water
not knowing why,
doing so because the wind begs its falling
and asks nothing else.
So I am carried along in perfect rhythm
by the same forces.
These forces guiding me, shaping me,
answering my hearts questions . . with lessons,
gentle and intense,
all for me to see the blessings all around me.

© Trudy Gruber

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