"The Sandwich"

Last week I received this from a poet who I know only as "noun", a 52 year old poet living with his wife and family (including dogs he likes calling his friends) in a rural community outside of Springfield, Missouri. He found my site quite by accident and decided to submit a poem he had recently posted on another poetry site.  - poetheart 01/07/02

To me, the best part of the sandwich is the meat.
Sandwich is enough to give me the Willie's
Sand Witch...get it?
Funny, Willy never opened a sandwich shop
or maybe Willy Nelson did, I don't know,
come to think of it, there has to be a Willy's sandwich shop somewhere,
there must be. But I was thinking of Willy Mclay, I know he never opened
a sandwich shop, at least not yet.

The meat can be anything from Spam to Steak,
it is the center of the meal, waiting to be devoured.
Some dead beast, pickled or raw has laid down their life
between two crusts, no matter how soft, pretty, or hard.
Lettuce, tomatoes, the toppings go on and on
but it is the meat that is at the center of a truly great sandwich.
Peanut butter? Okay, you got me but butter don't count,
there is no death or life in peanut butter or jelly, they have no blood,
no eyes that have seen. I am a bloody mess with no green and this is my prayer...

God help the vegetarians, who on this reflection, don't understand
what a sandwich is all about.
And God, help me to keep the chicken out.

by noun

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