"The Shadow Knows"
(revised version)

This is a revised version of Patricia Lynn's idea. This is the version I first received a few weeks ago and had decided to post on my site. Please write and let us know what you think of either or both versions of this poem...  - poetheart 03/19/02

A Shadow tracks me in the darkness
I can't sleep a wink
Floating in and out of dreams
Just hanging on the brink

On the edge all night it stares at me
This Shadow dark and tall
I resist the thought of it
Does it exist at all?

A giant looming over me
I just can't catch a wink
I toss and turn and turn and toss
With thoughts I shouldn't think

Awake, asleep; asleep, awake
I doze off in-between
The spying Shadow, knows it all
And why I dream this dream.

It persists in my unconsciousness
A demon in my mind
It laughs at me so tauntingly
I just cannot unwind

And when the sun
Peers through the shades
The shadow rests upon the wall
It will not go, it has to show
It will be back to make its call
The shadow knows how to rattle me…

When night's about to fall.

by Patricia Lynn

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