"Spring Dance"

When Patricia sent me this poem today, it moved right up there in her queue of poems so I could post it today. What better "way to express spring jubilation than to dance"? (To paraphrase what Patricia said in her e-mail). This poem is wonderful.  - poetheart 04/30/02

Such a lovely scene, all this green,
And the Maple's modest tips
Frisbees fly, old folks wave "Hi"
And squirrels learn new flips.

So glad I've heard, the early bird, catch it's proverbial worm
It chirps a song, and bop-bops along, to celebrate the season's feast
Warmer rays and longer days
Have brought on this festival of terrestrial relief--
It seems finally, and fantastically,
Spring has turned a leaf!

It has coaxed the Oaks to wear golden tassels
And windows to open on all the castles
And plaid tracks from mowers all about-
It invites little tykes to ride their bikes and be glad their mothers let them out.

Moist perfected leaves and newborn lawns
Have sprouted for the chance
To play second fiddle to the flowers
And be a backdrop while they dance.

A mild breeze will blow the trees'
Blossoms in the sun
As each one spins the dance begins
Yes, springtime has just begun!

We've waited all the winter
And dreamt we'd take this chance
When spring returned to be our partner
How we'd love to have this dance!

So we dance for all the Robins,
Dance for all the Wrens,
Dance for all the Forsythias
And the return of all our friends!

Magnolia's blooms dance fragrantly
Cherry's blossoms are blushing still
While Azalea's buds and Dogwood's petals
Dance in the woodland's fill.

We dance to thank the Robins,
Grateful to all the Wrens
Feeling dandier than all the Dandelions
For all the Life that Nature sends!

by Patricia Lynn

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