"Today Is What Counts"

Last month Patricia Lynn submitted this poem, which has patiently sat in her queue of accepted poems. But...'today is what counts' and here it is for you to read.  - poetheart 06/15/02

You are wanted and needed
And will be kindly treated
Propelled by happiness, confident at long last
Look at the present, not at the past
Move with energy derived from the heart
Ready, willing and able -- make a new start!

Alert, awakened, in charge, reborn
No longer shattered, no longer torn
No shadows, no ghosts,
No hitching posts
No worry, no fear- It's all crystal clear,
Today is what counts; the future is here!

Break out!
Shake out the old -
Make this your quest, forget all the rest
Just stick with the plan, you CAN see it through
I have faith, I believe, and I trust in you!

by Patricia Lynn

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