I received this second poem by William Donaway today - poetheart 06/16/00


My heart beats fierce with unbridled passion,
Capable of noble love and seething rage.
My brain teems with high thoughts unborn,
Capable of acute reasoning and randomn intuition.
Yet somewhere between, lies a gap so bleak and stagnate,
My heart bleeds sorrow; my brain stunned senseless.
Oh soul, locked away from a society of violent progress,
In a cell with bars composed of money and excess.
I feel you writhing in the throes of Western poisons,
Awaiting parturition of some godly antidote.
Come beautiful soul! I summon you back,
From the netherworld that lies twixt heart and brow.
Capable of the most blinding beacon for all to see;
Capable of the most deafening claxon for all to hear;
Shiny, noisy soul emerge.
Leap up heart! Think fast brain!
Give me the compassion and understanding,
To help open that which should stand open.

by William Donaway

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