"An Un-Won War"

I received this poem from a 16 year old girl from Australia who is looking to publish her first book of poetry. Sarah Murphy has been interested in poetry since she was 12 and would really appreciate some feedback on her work. I feel that she is quite talented. Please feel free to comment about this poem.  -poetheart 08/31/00

Rebellion is the ally,
conformity the enemy,
in this,
a war of humanity,

anger is a friend,
this battle it's voice,
to fight,
I have no choice,

a fight against corruption,
a battle for individuality,
who wins?
there is no victor in reality,

we are the soldiers,
called to our posts,
our mission,
succeed at all costs,

a change is our goal,
a new society our aim,
let us battle,
we will not surrender this game,

we will not conform,
our flag will fly,
individual we will remain,
determination rings in our battle cry,

for queen and for country,
for heart and for home,
this battle must be won,
the victor - a hero to their own,

but now, the machine beeps,
a flat line,
my breath is gone,
must be my time,

my youth and naivete are gone,
determined I was, immortal - not quite,
but to conform I've had no choice,
the enemy reigns supreme,

their bullets have hit,
their target maimed,
another one down,
a step closer to their aim,

of a society of clones,
a naive breed,
a future deemed over,
before sowing their seed,

so now - go on,
recruit your troops,
send them in,
kill off your youth,
but in reality,
who wins?

by Sarah Murphy

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