"Wonderful Dream"

I received this poem from a visitor to poetheart.com on 06/15/00. All I know of him is his name, his e-mail and this poem.  - poetheart 06/16/00

Wonderful dream, of hearts desire
Dont lay me down on funeral pyre
Without a song for you to sing,
Please keep me warm beneath you're wing
You taught me so well and this I see
For now my roots shall grow my tree
And with you're help I'll play a tune
Forest nature and call the loon
Dont feed me to the ground alone
An empty corpse devoid of bone
I need you're breath to start my fire
Oh wonderful dream of hearts desire
Take pity on a fool like me
I've made a home in history
And now I'm free to grow my tree
Leaving peace with all I see
A wonderful dream, of hearts desire
Will guide the eyes that drift in mire
And furnish me so I may give
To play my song so it might live

by Tom Martin

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