"It Seems"

In late August I posted a poem by this author called "Near The Highlands" and received some positive e-mails about her work.  Now the author submitted another poem and I am pleased to be posting this one also.  -poetheart 10/13/00

Because of you, I see things that I could not see before...
  Your sensitivity to others, the way you care about your friends,
    as natural to you, it seems, as breathing.

When at first you displayed this caring toward me,
  I looked back and saw you had displayed this to me all along,
    and it was as natural to you, it seemed, as breathing.

You held me in your arms and your caring enveloped me...
  In your eyes, I could see that you loved me,
    as natural to you, it seems, as breathing.

We welcomed each other in, just as we are, as good friends...
  but Fate has made us now so much more,
    and it's as natural, it seems, as breathing...

by Linda

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