The Poems of Paul Papasavas
(September, 2002 Featured Poet)

These are the poems of Paul Papasavas. Paul is from the same vicinity of Central New Jersey where I live. We have managed to meet and sometimes talk by phone. Paul was the featured poet in September, 2002 and you can read Paul's interview and Q&A by going to the interview section of my site.  - poetheart

"My Thoughts"        "No Title"     "Enter and leave the world knowing nothing"

"I went through the day again"        "Peace in another world"      "Letting Go"       

"True Freedom?"       "A journey in a sense"          "I have reached the other side"

"Endless Possibilities"               "Steering a course"             "You Derive"

"Can I truly write about nothing"         "Boundaries and Bewilderment"

"A Philosophy and Life"        "A talk with my heart"        "Angelic"        "Repatriating"

"My Answer May Change"         "Perfect"         "Rules"

"An Order for a Purpose"        "Divine Difference"        "Architect of a Journey"       

"The Answers"            "My Answer"         "The Inner Process"

"Making Connections"        "Exploring Purpose"        "Afloat"           "Waiting Till Dawn"

"Apprentice"          "Open Sky"       "Dormant Colloquy"        "Bitter Obsolescence"

"Endeavors and recluse"          "Success"        "True Heroes - A Tribute to 9/11"

      "Similarities in the Making"     "Loose Ends"     "Sanctuaries of our Souls"

 "Fallacies of Amalgamation"     "Perfunctory Reasoning"       "Junctures"        

"Unconscious Realities"        "Resolute"        "Happy Times"        "Of No Concern"

"Late Afternoon Siesta"        "Petals of Fall"           "Fallen"

 "Essence and Remorse"          "Depth of my Journey"        "Tick...Tock"

"Recluse"          "Beginnings"          "Let Me Stay"           "A simple pleasure"

(NEW)  "Joys of Past"         (NEW)  "Dark Road"            (NEW)  "Egress"

(NEW)  "At a Moment's Notice"

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