"The Traveler and Brennan"

The Traveler's Tales continue with this installment of the series.  - poetheart 07/30/01

There's nothing like a cozy fire-
Well 'id from pryin' eyes.
We 'ighwaymen precautions take…
An' do not like surprise.
I 'ad a mate one time, I did-
Wi' just a bit o' fame…
'E were an Irish 'ighwayman.
Bold Brennan were 'is name.
Ah, me 'n Willie were a pair!
We'd take 'is Lordship's gold…
I were an older, careful man-
Young Willie were quite bold.
They say a girl false 'earted..
Cost Willie 'is young life…
'Twere better far if Willie 'ad
Been faithful to 'is wife.
An' other mates I've rode beside
On many weary trail..
Brave men wi' bold, impudent eyes..
They fought to no avail-
'Tis part an' parcel of the life
Upon the outlaw trail…
Live by the sword, die by the same..
So goes the Traveler's Tale.

© by John R. Yaws

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