"The Massacre at Glencoe"

A few months ago I was fortunate to have received this wonderful submission by John R. Yaws. Prior to his sending his poetry he wrote to me: "I have written several poems about a mythical Scot, whom I call the Traveler. Several of them deal with episodes in Scottish history." I hope that you enjoy Mr. Yaws poetry as much as I do. Please feel free to write and let me know what you think of his work.  -  poetheart 06/08/01

Robert Campbell! Curse the name!
The ‘ound to peaceful Glencoe came.
To Clan McDonald came wi’ guile...
An’ plotted murder all the while.
Sixteen 'undred, ninety two....
An evil year, for Scot’s tis true.
Campbell came wi’ English troops...
An’ e’en lower, then he stoops!
The English king ‘ad said to ‘im-
Kill all below three score an’ ten.
An’ kill ‘e did, the scurvy ‘ound-
McDonald blood ran all around..
Betrayal vile, an’ till this day-
The stench, it will na’ go away.
An’ go to Glencoe... an’ it seems-
Of night that one still ‘ears the screams..
Of frightened lasses, cursing men...
As real today, as they were then.
McDonald’s an’ the Campbell clans-
Though years ha' past will not join hands.
The Traveler wanted all to know-
The infamy o’ Pass Glencoe.

©2000 by John R. Yaws, all rights reserved

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