"The Forlorn Traveler"

This is fourth poem I have received of John R. Yaws's wonderful Traveler's Tales series, which many readers have enjoyed.  - poetheart 07/05/01

‘tis sad when one’s misunderstood-
An’ many fra ‘im turn.
Because ‘e ‘as the wanderlust...
An’ for new places yearns.

Aye, I ‘ave been a mort o’ miles,
An’ seen a sight o’ things.
An’ watched the dawn o’ertake the night...
On lovely faery wings.

I’ve ‘eard the wailing fer lost loves
Like cries right out o’ ‘ell.
An’ watched as nobles took command,
An’ mourned ‘em when they fell.

I’ve seen the loveliness o’ youth-
Grow gray an’ wan wi’ age.
An’ folly overcome the wise...
An’ fools dethrone the sage.

Aye, I ‘ave seen the pachyderm-
An’ where is graveyard lies.
An’ watched as mighty kingdoms fell,
An’ others fra them rise.

I know the Flyin’ Dutchman’s wake-
The ancient Mariner...
The way o’ man wi’ tender maid...
Where witches cauldrons stir.

Aye, ‘tis a lot the Traveler kens-
Alas, to no avail-
There’s none wha’ cares to take the time
To ‘ear the Traveler’s Tale.

by John R. Yaws

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