"Travelin' On"

John R. Yaws continues to spin his Traveler's Tales in this, his fifth installment of that series which, along with many readers, I enjoy reading.  John R. Yaws also has four additional poems from this series posted on my website ("Massacre at Glencoe" "Bannockburn Revisited" "A Tale for His Lodging" and "The Forlorn Traveler").  - poetheart 07/05/01

A bonnie ev’nin’ to ye lass-
I canna help but see....
Yer countenance is passin’ sad-
An’ pray, why mought tha’ be?

Ye say ye ‘ad a lover fair-
An’ ‘e went off to war?
Ye’ve ‘ad no word fer most a year-
Ye seen a fallin’ star?

Aye, I ‘ave ‘eard it said mysel’
Tha’ tis an evil omen!
Aye, that it bodes someone no good-
There be a death a comin’.

Wha’ be ‘is name? Am I too bold?
I thought per’aps I knew ‘im-
Fer ‘oom fought ‘e? Ye canna say?
Ye gads! I mought ‘ave slew ‘im!

A warrior, aye, I make the claim-
An ‘ighlander by birth!
No nobler blood were ever shed-
To enrich mother Earth.

Aye, I ken Bob, the Bruce, I do-
I once knew William Wallace-
A Scot! I vow, an’ wi’out peer...
In tha’ I find some solace.

As fer yer lover, little miss-
I ‘aven’t crossed ‘is trail-
Fergit the rogue, an’ settle down-
I’ll spin a Traveler’s Tale.

by John R. Yaws

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