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March 2000, "S.T." Interview sections you may visit (click)
Other poetry by "S.T."

Questions and Answers with S.T. :

(02/28/00 M.B., Silver Spring, MD)
Dear S.T., I have been visiting this site since January and have read all of the interviews. I thought that Donalou was very sweet and that Richard was very honest. I did not get to ask either of them any questions although I wanted to. Tonight I came to check out a few of the poems I wanted to read again and was very (pleasantly) surprised to see that a new interview was already up there. I have read only two of your poems before tonight (Trinity and The Journey). I don't know why I did not read the others before. I was very glad to read them all tonight. I had to write to you. When I read "Lady" I was very touched by it. (I had to read it because you and Poetheart discussed it during the interview and that aroused my curiosity). As a woman, I am deeply impressed by your understanding and "reverence" for women. You are a man who genuinely likes women and that is evident in your poetry and very clear in the interview. Your poems are not overly sentimental but they are very romantic. I think you have excellent and healthy insight and perception of women. Many men could take a lesson or two from you. From your interview I can see that the way you feel about women is real and not the result of any "political correctness". Does being a gentleman who genuinely likes women invite repercussions (from "the guys")? Does your treatment of women ever interfere with your being one of the boys? Please be honest because I have often thought that men act the way they do because of peer pressure. Also, will you be so kind as to answer a very personal question and tell me your level of education? I have a bet with myself on it. Thanks. M.B.

"S.T.": First of all, my Lady M.B., thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule for reading of the interview and my poetry. Jay has done a great job with this site!!! Thank you very much for you gracious comments of myself. Ladies are a very important part of my life and yes, I have a very high reverence for you all! Ma'am, I have learned that there are some little boys and girls that will never grow and you have seen that yourself. I do not pay any attention to them because all "the guys" I am around are Ladies!!! The guys try to snare me into their conversation, but I just smile, and keep them wondering. That way at least they are using part of their brain! I really do not see any use of being around or going with the boys, I would rather be out with the girls. When I am with them, I am just "one of the girls"! But you are dead right, men do that out of peer pressure, because they have "invested" in the male image in hope of future rewards that come from surrounding themselves with same. That goes with little girls too. BUT, if you invest in your dreams and purse them, in the long run, it will be dance, but what a wonderful dance!!! I hope I have answered that question to your satisfaction, my lady. As far the other question, I have a BA degree, English major, Philosophy minor, of which didn't do anything for me in the job market! Ha! Again, thank you very much for your gracious comments. I also appreciate your honesty. My Lady, have the wonderful day in the child's eye and every day will be wonderful and infinite!!!

(02/28/00 Anthony Rota, Rego Park, Queens, NY)
"S.T.", Your interview was great. Loved it. Nice job. My question is this. Do you revise your poetry after a period of time? In other words, will we see a different "Lady" five years from now? Are your poems "permanent"? I am reluctant to make changes after a poem is "set" but I recently was tempted to update an old poem. Ever do that? Thanks. Anthony

"S.T.": First of all, Anthony, thank you for reading the interview. Thank you for the kind comments. No, I do not revise any of my poetry. Let me explain. When I "write", what results is more like a stream of living pictures, all flowing along, especially when I am writing about people. What winds up on the paper, is a result of my being connected to something and circuit is completed. When I try to write using my ego, the result is utter garbage!!! Ha! But when I have an unselfish reason to write, it just begins to flow and when it is over, it is turned off!! Kinda like you is or you ain't! I do not feel that once the thought, vision, whatever is transcribed, it should be changed in any fashion. In this respect I share your reluctant to make changes once the poem is "set". But if YOU "wrote it", that would be YOUR call. Again I appreciate your questions and the wish you the best of life in your poetic pursuits!!!

(02/29/00 Marie L., Grand Rapids, MI)
Dear Charles, I have visited this site for the past few months and have enjoyed your poems as well as those by Poetheart, Richard, Judi, Donalou and Steve. But your poetry touches my heart and penetrates my thoughts. Honestly, you are a very talented poet. I especially like Trinity and glad that you chose that one as your featured poem. That poem was written by a man who knows how to treat ladies. It is very rare today to even hear the word "lady". You are almost too good to be true. Your poems are often about ladies and you seem very passionate about them. I am wondering - what are some other passions you like to write poems about? Can we see some of your other facets? Why don't we have more of an assortment of your different poetic subjects? Thank you for answering my questions. Marie L.

"S.T.": First of all, thank you Lady Marie, for taking time from your busy schedule to read my interview. Yes I do write a lot about Ladies, because you all are so special, lovely and charming! Well to answer your question, if you look at my poems on Jay's site, you will see a variety as I had intended. I am very passionate about life and the living of it, not the still-born role-playing society acting. I enjoy writing about my "street-days" of which I do not know how I survived. Marie, if you really love life, it will guide your spirit and you will flow like the wind, free and at peace with yourself, just as I am know. I will probably be writing some metaphysical/social poetry/prose in the future, and it will be an out growth of Lady and Trinity. Life, my lady, is a very precious friend, share it truthfully and it will share you ten fold. You will see other facets in the future as you have requested. Do not be surprised if they appear in the form of poetic-prose or dialogue! Have a wonderful day, Lady Marie.

(02/29/00 Frannie, Cherry Hill, NJ)
ST, Why was your poem "Righteous Evil" ignored during the interview? Was this your choice? Please respond because I find it to be a powerful poem and really wanted to hear more about its origins and meaning. Is there some reason this poem was not mentioned? Please answer and thank you.

"S.T.": Hello Frannie, how are you doing? Probably "Righteous Evil" was not brought up due to the time on the phone interview. Please accept my apologizies. It was not my choice, but uring the interview, both Jay and myself were having a lot of fun doing the interview and we both just lost track of time. There were several poems I wanted to talk about and didn't get around to it. Stuff happens! Concerning "Righteous Evil", I will explain. This is a poem of the "all or nothing" American dream (or nightmare, whichever is your take on it). Within the organization where I work, there is a very negative aspect, force, egos, whatever that thrive on doing anything to be "Number One" or "first" or the "best" at any and all costs. Sound familiar? In this mix are good people that turn to serve this master, regardless of the price. On the other hand, you have persons (of which I am one) who believe that values and morals do exist and must be lived every day, even though I fall as do all mortal humans. This is a daily battle that some of us engage in daily, because someone has to and I feel that someone is me! You see, you can be your own best friend or own worst enemy. No one can break you but you! So you see this poem is not just my poem, Frannie. It is an everyone's poem, you are part of it too!! We are all responsible, but not all of us try - so the rest of us try to carry the banner!! I hope I have answered your questions as completely as you have asked them. Again, thank you very much for your time. Charlie

(02/29/00 Gina Ferrara, Brooklyn, NY)
Dear "ST", I liked your interview. Mr. Poetheart did just great interviewing you He is a much better interviewer than he is a "poet" (as he refers to himself). But then again he had a truly talented poet and interesting man as the subject. I bet he was wishing he could write half as well as you do the whole time. I think your poetry is very good. I have read all of it and especially enjoyed your poems "Lady" and "Trinity". You demonstrate such a deep capacity for understanding in these poems (and even in the interview). You seem to be very genuine and sincere. But then again, you seem very sure of yourself and I can't help but wonder if you have a self promoting motive for the way you write. So, how much of what you write is your "angle"? Can you be so understanding of ladies for no reason? What's the catch with you? Thanks. Gina Ferrara

"S.T.": Hello Lady Gina, First of all, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to review the interview. Thank you very much for your kind gracious comments concerning Lady and Trinity. These two poems are very special to me, in that, they are about real people as I stated in the interview. Lady Gina, there is nothing as real as real life to experience, and on this canvas all the colors of humanity are splashed in their emotional hues, creating an interesting and inter-twining matrix, from which results a special beauty, but, only for those that see into, instead of look upon! I find your questions/comments very interesting and very valid, because of the world in which a lady has to "see the forests for the trees". Ma'am, there is no catch or angle. Please allow the gentleman to explain. In being able to create such beauty as Lady and Trininty, is a result of 30 years of learning of life itself. The one lesson I have learned, is create beauty for beauty sake to share, expecting nothing in return. Granted, it took many years to first convince me this was the way to go, and many more to develop into that personality. Also I have studied my subject matter, you wonderful, lovely and radiant ladies, since I was 19 years old. When I "create" I try to "see" the beauty, the good, in my subject. I take my "stuff" very seriously and only write when I feel the "creative flow". I have a very quiet, relaxed confidence and am sure of my self but not cocky or arrogrant. Those sicknesses will slowly drain the good out of you. Been there, done that. That is not to say, that my head hasn't gotten too big for the hat at times and had to be adjusted! (Ha!) I am very real and one of a kind, I guess. I am just me. Again Thank you, my lady for your kind, gracious comments, especially for "Lady" and "Trinty". Have a Wonderful Day. Charlie

(03/01/00 Dona Pearson, Russelville, AK)
Dear Charlie, Since you and I are already friends, and I have already told you how much I admire your work and your sweet gentlemanly ways, then I have just one question: On one hand, your poems "Lady" and "Trinity" are the essence of sweet homage to love and to womanhood itself (or so I take them -- how lucky your woman is to be the object of such affection!). But on the other hand, some of your poems are almost scary in their sheer power. The force of your words "the hounds of hell are running" shows me a kind of cynical angry Charlie who is the opposite of the Lover Gentleman Charles. Do you have this dichotomy at work in your inner self, or is it just an anger directed at the injustices and the bitterness that are part of our crazy world? I know this may be hard to answer, but I had to ask since I am seeing the flip sides of the same coin here, I suppose, but they are such different sides! Your friend always, Dona (donalou)

"S.T.": Good Evening Lady DonaLou, First of all, I would like to thank you my friend, for the introduction to Jay of myself and to the progress it has flowered into. So this other Charlie has somewhat of a darker shade of pale, huh? Actually, Righteous Evil is a very positive piece of poetic prose. If you take the Hades I picture and insert the all or nothing American Dream or nightmare (however you see it) then you gain a whole different perceptive. All through it, the moral, honest person gets tempted like someone on a mountain did, I do believe. But all through it this honest person remained steadfast just as did as lot of Americans during the depression and the war years. But the moral of that piece is the last verse. That is the hook!! This same idea applies to the stranger. Yes, I am still an angry young man inside, that still believes in equality, being honest, values and the most precious gift of freedom. I feel that I must "teach" as well as "entertain". I use this in the same way Don Juan Matus would keep telling Carlos Castaneda, "Carlos, you look, but you do not see; you listen, but you do not hear". In this way I present the injustices of the world as the poet must, like it or don't. I see the good, bad and ugly, whether I like it or not. And I must show this as it is, that is my moral responsibility. Now I will get off my soapbox. (Ha!) I hope I have answered your question with a better perception. Again thank you for helping this opportunity come about. Thanks again. Charlie

(03/01/00 "BigZ", Richmond, VA)
"ST", I think your poetry is real good and the interview was pretty interesting. You seem to have a good handle of how you admire the "ladies" but I am wondering about the flip side of the coin. Where are the poems standing up for yourself as a man and your admiration for your "brothers"? Can a sensitive and educated man like you be so one-sided? Talk to me, my man. "BigZ"

"S.T.": Hi BigZ, First of all, thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to read the interview and present your question. I am not as one-sided as it appears, although your perception is correct from where you are. I tend to use the huMAN instead of the Male stereotype of Madison Avenue, in a lot of my works. This is more so in my prose than my poetry. I present the male counterpart as the warrior, the wise elder, the knowledgeable older man instructing the young man as well as the narrator of my poetry is the huMAN. I used to do a lot of very male-oriented things, but haven't in several years. But, since you asked, I will write some this weekend and see if Jay can post them next week. Thank you for your insight, I need outside influence sometimes, like "can't see the forest for the tree" type thing. I appreciate your comments, BigZ. Also, I understand the male image, I am a US Army Sergeant Major. Thanks Charlie

(03/01/00 Donna LoPresti, Houston, TX)
Dear "S.T.", I think you are very talented and you very much deserved to be interviewed and featured. Of the interviews I have read so far, yours is the best, in my opinion. I write poems now and then (I have not submitted any to this website because I am shy about them) and they are very personal to me. Can you tell me if you have poetry that you consider very private and would not even consider posting? I am interested in knowing if you write for an audience or strictly from the heart. Do you mind revealing this? Thank you, Donna

"S.T.": Hello Lady Donna, First of all thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read the interview and present your question. Yes I understand the shy, sometimes indecision about making your poetry (thoughts) public. I went through that and it is an emotional blood-bath sometimes. Other times people look at you like they don't have a clue. If I consider the poetry that personal, I usually just let it circulate inside my "squared circle" (my mind), so I am the only one to enjoy. I realize that sounds selfish, but you have to make some time for yourself and "stuff" for yourself to recharge your batteries!! I write for life itself, not an audience for my own presentation as some do, but to everyone, since most of them are my material, from time to time. Most of the poetry (80-90%) I give away to people that are part of the subject of that poem. They gave me the perception, I have the responsibility to give them back their "stuff" through my eyes. A lot of the time, this is the only recognization they ever receive of a very personal nature. It is fun to give and never expect anything in return, because your cup will run over!! But seriously, remember, no one knows your poetry (perception) like you do and it is good or you would never think that much about it. You are important. Go for it!! Thanks again for your interest and comments. Charlie

(03/01/00 Lennie Baldwin, Irvington, NJ)
"S.T.", Your poems are quite good. I was impressed by your social awareness, since you are from the south. No offense intended. But just how far you will take this advocacy of women's issues? How much of this is an act? Should any of us take you seriously and just how seriously do you take yourself?

"S.T.": Hello Lennie, First of all thank you for taking the time to read the interview and present your very good questions. Thank you for kind comments concerning my poetry. No offense is taken. I present the "advocacy of women's issues", to use your words, to bring awareness to the ladies first - that there are GentleMEN out there that are real and respect ladies as equal human beings, as friends. I have the responsibility to "live" of the image of the Gentleman, for the ladies first, then the men, to show that values and morals and equality are real living entities. I believe this and I live this. I have learned over the years that true values must be defended and presented or there will be no values. By being the gentleman and allowing the lady to relax and be herself, then maybe, just maybe, we as human beings, can finally stop being the little "boys" and "girls" that Madison Avenue would love us to be. Instead of the games, we would have the richness of life! None of this is an act. But people should be allowed to form their own opinions. America gives us that choice. I take myself very seriously, but I am able to laugh at myself when I do something stupid - and I do. How anyone else takes me seriously concerning what I have said above, that is a question they have to answer themselves, or take someone else's answer. When I talk about this advocacy, this applies also to race, creed, belief, human values, as I am part Native American. I hope I have answered you questions. I appreciate your thoughts. Have a Wonderful day. Charlie

(03/05/00 Joe G., West Palm Beach, FL)
"S.T.", I think you're talented but think you're channeling your talent down a dead end, buddy. All your concern about women and their life tragedies and their issues - why aren't you worried about your own issues? I think you're trying way too hard to be "politically correct". You have talent but you are sacrificing it to issues that will blow over in time. It may backfire on you just like writers in Europe during the Communist regimes. Now they have since rescinded their work as work done under the strain of political correctness under Communist government. Think you want to be in the same boat once these women issues blow over? Ever secretly sorry you are more loyal to the opposite sex than you are to yourself? Thanks. JoeG

"S.T.": Hello Joe, First of all, thank you for taking time out of your schedule to read the survey and present your questions/comments. I find your comments/questions interesting. Years ago, I made the choice to be a gentleman as a way of life, a decision I have never regretted. Every person should choose their path in life, for within lies the fullness thereof. Again thank you for your comments and questions. Charlie

(03/08/00 Maria C., Jacksonville, FL)
Dearest Charlie, I really love your poetry and was wondering where I could find your poems. Do you have books published? I did not completely understand what you said in your interview. Please let me know where I can see more comprehensive collection of your work? Also, do you have your own website? Thanks. Maria C.

"S.T.": Hello Lady Maria, First of all thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read the interview and present your questions. Oddly enough, I do not have a collection as per se. Mainly, I have what you see on poetheart and will see in the future. I have not published a book of my poetry. Since poetry to me is life, the people that are the colors and hues, usually receive their poetry back, because I feel responsible to give them back what they have allowed me to "share" to create the poetry. Therefore I have no collections. My poetry really came into focus two years ago. As far as a comprehensive collection of my work, I will have a web site up on/or about 5 April and it will be www.aladysplace.com and you will find a comprehensive collection of my work and every following month will be a complete new collection as well as any special Lady's Event. I appreciate your interest in my work and thank you very much for you inquiry. Charlie

(03/09/00 VicTorY, Newark, NJ)
"S.T." I like your poem "Trinity". How long did it take you write this poem? I remember reading your story about the circumstances behind your writing that one. Ever think you could have done better with that one if you had worked on it more? VicTorY, Newark, NJ

"S.T.": Hello VicTorY. Very interesting name spell, very creative! First of all, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read the interview and present your questions. Thank you for your remarks concerning "Trinity". This is a very special work to me, because of what it represents. The entire time spent writing it was maybe 3-4 minutes. It was one of those "things" where everything connects and it flows. As far as could it have been better if I had spent more time on it. It could have been more radiant had I spent more time, probably. But I doubt if it would have been anymore intense. But to answer your question, it could probably been better had more time been spent on it. Thank you very much for your questions and your comments. Have a wonderful day! Charlie

(03/11/00 Tom DeStefano, Fort Lee, NJ)
Hey "ST", Nice job with your interview. You are a very interesting guy. Your answers were great. Very natural celebrity. I have to ask you - When you selected "Desiderata" as one of your selected poems, did you pick it because you knew that its authorship was not widely known? Why did you not get permission to post it? It is strange that this site did not acquire the necessary permission to post that poem. Don't you think? I had heard before that Desiderata did in fact have an author and that it is easy to get permission to print it, giving credit to its author. Why didn't you do this? Tom

"S.T.": Hi Tom, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read the interview and present your questions. Tom , to tell you the truth, I never knew that "Desiderata" had a known author. All I had every knew was that it was unknown or authored in the 17th century. I did not find out about the author until Jay posted the information on poetheart. That was the first time I knew that "Desiderata" was a work of recent time. Anything relating to the site, you will have to address that to Jay. It is his site. I will say it is not widely known that Desiderata had a author of recent time. Thank you very much for your questions and your comments. Have a wonderful day! Thanks, Charlie

(03/17/00 G.K., New York, NY)
"S.T." Your poem Mr Jive Man - aren't you embarrassed by this worthless so-called "poem" published on this site? It has no value, as far as I can see. Why didn't you just trash that one? G.K.

"S.T.": Hello G.K. First of all, thank you very much for taking the time to read the interview and present your comments. First of all, no - I am not embarrassed by this "worthless so-called poem". I balance your perception with that of Don Juan Matus telling Carlos Castaneda, "Carlos, you look but you do not hear, you listen but you do not hear". In my opinion, poetry must give a perception, to teach that perception and "Mr Jive Man" does just that. I will agree with your comment, to you it is junk, because it is perceived as not being presented in an accepted form of literary comment. But if it is seen as a mirror, a reflection of society that has created such, then the value is warranted. And Spin Doctors do just that - create nonsense to produce nonsense, and the public "buys" the Mr Jive Man" everyday on the magazines racks, tabloids, daytime tv, talk radio, etc. So you see "Mr Jive Man" is a teaching tool. As I have said before, "Poetry must teach, must give a direction as well as entertain". To further illustrate this, in 18th C England, Robert Blake was looked upon as a ungentlemanly individual and his poetry was judged as "worthless", "trash", etc. His Poem Arrugries of Innocence was not recognized for its insight until the 20th C. Here are the first four lines; "To see the world in a grain of sand, and heaven in a wild flower, to hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour..." I thank you very much for your time and your comments. Have a wonderful day! Charlie

(03/18/00 Maria, Philadelphia, PA)
Dear "ST", I do not understand "Righteous Evil". Can you enlighten me on this poem? It's kind of scary. That "hounds of hell" thing is not a pretty picture at all. What were you thinking when you wrote this?

"S.T.": Hello Lady Maria, How are you today? Fine I trust. Thank you for picking "Righteous Evil". You picked up on the obvious, but didn't get the twist. But no matter. I wrote this poem when I found out that a particular function at work was being replaced by individuals that cared not for moral standards nor for integrity, just the infamous worship of the Almighty Dollar Bill. You see Maria, money is a powerful elixir, it takes good moral,strong people and twist them into things that are not even human, such as happened. Money and the illusion of power that money creates changes them into beasts as represented by the hounds of hell to do the bidding of the almighty dollar bill. But there are some of us, that standards and values mean everything, just as the flag symbolizes a country where choice is available. We would not be bought, therefore we were relegratted to the lower rings of "hades" so to speak. In doing so, we pursued the straight and righteous way of truth and is causing the hounds of hell a lot of problems. Graft, waste and corruption are not pretty things, but neither are children who do not get enough to eat, people not being able to read or write. Life is not pretty or ugly, it just is. It is what we make of it that decides the outcome. Such will be hounds of hell and their master. Thank you very much for your time and your questions. Have a wonderful day and be good to yourself. Charlie

(03/18/00 Tom Bahr, Elizabeth, NJ)
"S.T.", First off, I just want to say that you picked one of my favorite poems as your choice ("Invictus"). Great poem. I have always liked it for the strength it portrays also. Next, I like your poem, "Through the Mist". You talked about it in your interview. I want to know more about the mechanics of your writing it. Can you tell me more about your writing this poem? The language of it is great. Thanks.

"S.T.": Hi Tom, Thanks, it looks like we have good tastes in "Invictus"! Ha! Your question concerning "Through the Mist" is very unique. I will try my best to explain it, if I am able. As I said before in the interview, most of the poetry comes to me in a mental almost cinematic flow, if you will. This special poem was written to a very special friend of mine named Carol M. This lady supported me a lot when some of the world wanted my head. The poem was constructed in snap shots, where I used hope, hopelessness, strength weakness, mercy, love and moral truth as pieces to tell the story. The lady warrior was that of the Great Earth Goddess, the sum total of all things.The person was myself, as the humble confused slob. I arranged the sequence to coincide with the way one's thinking would take place under the same circumstances. I used the emotion of being scared, frighten as we are at one time or another, to dictate reality in the confusion of fear. (I hope this is making sense). At that point (as in a point in life) when we are "scared to death", we avoid it somehow, because someone is there, the bonding element occurs, and this is where I included it. The ending was to show that we all are in need of someone, as in if someone helps you, you do not pay that person, you help the next person down the road, so the element of good wins over the element of bad, and strength is trust and power is honor. Tom, I do realize that this might be as "clear as mud" but the poem is a epic setting of the beauty of human nature as we grow and become more perceptive of the world around us. The language that I used comes out exactly like I "saw" the poem, in my mind, unfold. The whole process took 3-4 minutes to do the entire thing. Then is was over. Strange, but that is the way it works. Again Tom, thank you very much for picking out "Through the Mist". Have a very wonderful day! Charlie

(03/19/00 Julie C., Atlantic City, NJ)
Dear Charlie, I read your poem "The Dealer" and was wondering what it is about. In the last part of the poem, you say "to your own devise, experience..." Do you mean "devise" or did you mean "device"? Is this a misspelling? Or is it that I just don't understand? I really do like your poems and think you are very talented. I just have a problem with this one. Thanks. Julie C

"S.T.": Hello Lady Julie, How are you today? Lovely I hope. First of all, thank you very much for taking time out of your busy schedule to read the interview and to present your comments. No Ma'am, Lady Julie, "devise" is the correct spelling and for a purpose. The dealer is a figure that always wins, no matter what the odds, because the dealer is the "game" and the game always "wins". When we play the game, not knowing it is a game but "make" it real, then we are setting ourselves up to fall. But, when we realize that life is only a game, then we never lose because we never play to win - just enjoy the playing. In this respect, young children offer the best and purest example. You are very gracious with your comments to me. Thank you very much, gracious lady. Again thank you very much for you interest and your timely comments. Have a wonderful day and be good to yourself. I will be hosting a web site on/or about 15 April entitled www.aladysplace.com. It is a Lady's spa for the ego, mind and spirit. It is where a lady may go and be appreciated for the Lady she is. Again thanks. Charlie

(03/20/00 Star, Memphis, TN)
Dear ST, I think you are a very talented poet and a real gentleman. I enjoyed reading your interview and it gave me an insight into your poetry which I have read even before you were featured. The poem that stands out for me is "Lady". I like that poem and liked it discussed in your interview. I think you have a very great insight into women's issues. Before you make your poems public, is there a period where you put your poem "on hold" and maybe review it? Do you discuss your poem with your wife or a close friend before you reveal it to others? Keep up your good work. There are those of us out here who could easily be fans of yours. Thank you for sharing your insights and talent. Star

"S.T.": Hello Lovely Lady Star, How are you today? Radiant as always, I trust. First, thank you very much for your kind and gracious comments concerning my poetry and especially for being a gentleman. For a lady to say that about a gentleman, is very special indeed. I sincerely thank you ma'am. I try to keep an open vision on the world of the lady, to see the world through her eyes as much as possible. Like I have said before, I feel ladies are underappreciated and I try to fill that void. I appreciate your picking the poem "Lady". Most of the lovely ladies, like yourself have picked "Lady". When I "write" my poems, they just come out and I write them wherever they appear. I have written them on napkins, paper towels, paper sacks, on paper pads, when I was lucky enough to have them and yes, even on toilet paper! Now that is a dedicated poet! Ha! I do not put them on hold or discuss them with anyone. I did that during the earlier years and realized that was a mistake. Most people who are "experts" couldn't create themselves out of a paper bag but they love to point out mistakes or things they consider improper - even though they have not penned the first line of anything!! You see that makes you responsible! That's scary! Ha! I will be hosting a web-site on/or about 15 April. It will be a Lady's spa for the ego, mind and spirit. It is a place where a lady can be "ego-boosted" because it is strictly for Ladies. Again thank you very much for you gracious and kind comments. Have a wonderful day and be kind to yourself.

(03/23/00 DD, Baltimore, MD)
"ST", I like poems that are very short (the simpler, the better) and easy on my mind. Your poem "Touch" is really nice and I like it. Can you just tell me if you plan on publishing a series of poems like this one? "Touch" is probably one of your better poems. I would like to read more like this one. Thanks.

"S.T.": Hello DD, How are you today? In great spirits, I trust. First, thank you for your kind and gracious comments for "Touch". I haven't really thought about it until your comment, but I do have some that will be published in my website, (www.aladyspace.com) due to be on-line on or about April 15, 2000 under the Little Girl section. Incidently, "Touch" was published in an anthology by National Library of Poetry. "Touch" was awarded an Editors Choice Award plus was selected for a special Poets of 1998 collection. So - you have very fine taste! I will make a note concerning your request for short verse poetry. Good Idea. Thank you for your idea. Again thank you very much for your excellent comments and questions. Have a wonderful day and a good tomorrow. Charlie

(03/24/00 Junior, Richmond, VA)
"S.T." As a young guy who writes poetry, (mostly dealing with social issues and also political themes) I would like to ask you for some personal advice. I am pretty shy about letting my friends or family read my poetry. How can I get over this? I don't mind when strangers read my poems because they do not know me, but have a problem when my work is read by people I know. Have you ever experienced anything like that? How did you get over it? I appreciate your advice. Thanks. Junior

"S.T.": Hello Junior, What's happening? You sound like myself during the 60-70's. During that time I wrote only about political and social wrongs and the right that could prevail. Don't ever sell out! Stay with your beliefs because they are the only things you have and they are you! You might have to change your approach in order to get your point across. Find a friend whose opinion you trust and let them be your guinea pig! Yes I experienced this and believe it is brutal! Don't put yourself through it unless you just want to. But on the other hand, do what you think is right for you! I just got my ego bruised enough until it didn't hurt anymore. Or, in other words, I gained enough confidence to know my stuff was good! (That took 15-20 years). Try going for it like open poetry readings. This way you find out, in a general sense, how your material comes across. Also you usually receive the most productive criticism. Good luck with your adventure, because it is a rush, when it is good. Remember one thing, no one knows your material like you do. Your material is you and only you know you (in the mortal sense, that is). Good Luck and Godspeed! Charlie

(03/24/00 Rosie, Washington, DC)
Dear ST, I noticed that you posted more poems since your interview. I liked reading them. They are somewhat different than the first ones you have published here on poetheart.com. Do you have your own website which contains only your material? I would be very interested in visiting your website, if you have one. Thanks. Rosie from DC

"S.T.": Hello Lovely Lady Rosie, How are you today? Lovely and elegant, I trust. First of all, thank you very much for taking time out of your busy schedule to read the interview and present your timely comments. Thank you for noticing the change of pace. I am merely showing another side of my self as I think all creative persons must be multi-faceted in their creative perception. Thank you very much for kind and gracious words. On April 15, my website, www.aladysplace.com will be operation and on-line. Right now I am having problems with the email on the guest book and the responders to work right. But it will be there on the 15 April for all you lovely ladies. It is a lady's spa for the ego, mind and spirit and only for ladies!! My site will contain only my material. So if the lady wishes, 15 April, you will be able to judge how you like your site, because I have built it for you ladies! Again thank you very much for all your gracious and kind comments. Have a beautiful day! Charlie

(03/25/00 Joe Conover, New York, NY)
"ST", I like reading your poetry and enjoy reading a poet who is so open to human issues. I am a gay man and was wondering if you have written any poetry regarding gay/lesbian/ bisexual/transgender issues? In any case, I am able to relate to many of the issues you explore in your poetry. Thanks. Joe Conover, New York.

"S.T.": Hi Joe, what's happening? Kinda slow here. First of all thank you very much for your kind and very real words. When I write anything that has a social issue, like you have stated, I lay it between the lines. I do this as a result of when I started writing in the 60-70's time period. If you had anything then, you had to lay it between the lines. In this way, you can build a stronger, more powerful image, that persons will accept, therefore you have accomplished your purpose, with a slightly different "window-dressing". I still write about social issues and those above are some of many I touch on. Society is a huge "soup" of all types which is mixed up and served. Life is either your feast or your famine. I like to eat, but what I want to eat, so I do not "dine" very much! I am very glad I am able to communicate human issues, that you can relate to. That is what life is all about! Thank you for your comments and have a great tomorrow. Charlie

(03/25/00 Lisa D-, Springfield, NJ)
Dear S.T. Enjoy reading your poems. Do you plan on publishing your poetry? I have gathered that all of you poets know each other. Are there any plans to publish a book of all your combined poetry together? Is it reasonable to think that all the work posted here on poetheart site from Poetheart, Dona, Steve and yourself will be published as a collection from this site anytime in the future? Just curious. I'd purchase a copy of it. Thanks. Lisa D- P.S.- Like your poem "Lady" very much. Very well done.

"S.T.": Hello Lovely Lady Lisa D-, How are you today? Beautiful and charming, I trust. First of all, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read the interview and present your questions and comments. Yes we have come to know each other within the past 4-5 months and it has been a very interesting experience. Jay has an outstanding website and is doing a quality service in featuring a poet and their work each month for exposure. This was my first interview, (That was on the record). I have not thought of a collection of ours but that wouldn't be out of the question. That would be something that the three of us would have to get together and decide on. But a very excellent suggestion. Thank you very much! At least there would be 4 copies sold! Thank you very much for your comments concerning "Lady". This is a very special poem to me, since I wrote for a good personal friend of mine. Thank you for the kind and gracious words that only another lady would know and understand what those words truly mean! Again, thank for your comments and I will see about the "book". Be good to your self and have a beautiful day! Charlie

(03/25/00 Brian, Tarrytown, NY)
To what do you attribute your moderate success in writing poetry? Would you say it is due to your "adventurous" life talked about in your interview? Your personal experiences? Can it be your inspiration by the causes and issues you favor? (And thank you for answering my questions). Brian, NY

"S.T.": Hello Brian, What's happening? First of all, thank you for reading the interview and for presenting your comments. Truthfully, probably thirty years of experimentation with life, myself and the world around me. I have come to realize that I have something of a "gift" in being able to visualize an action and produce the cinema in my "mind" and "publish" it on a piece of paper or whatever. One thing about it, when it is on, it is on and when it isn't, it isn't. I feel that my "adventurous" life has contributed to my open insight into life. It has made me see things from the other person's point of view, which is a good teaching tool It can humble you at times. And believe me, you need it every now and then! To your last question concerning inspiration, life is my inspiration and everything plays a part. Maybe the "causes and issues" play a part but I have never thought about them. I do not try to separate them from the colors and hues on the canvas. But each to their own, as it should be! Thank you very much for your comments and have a wonderful day! Charlie

(03/25/00 Celia, Alexandria, VA)
Pretty cool to be able to question the featured poet. I do think it's a wonderful idea to have the public continue the interview process in more depth. I agree with Poetheart that you move in very sensitive territory with your poem "Lady". He is correct in advising you that there are those who would say you are transferring your male thoughts on a female situation. How do you deal with this? Have you had feedback in this vein? I like your poetry and thought you gave a very good interview. I have read all three interviews and liked yours the best. Sincerely, Celia.

"S.T.": Hello Lovely Lady Celia, How are you today? Radiant and lovely as always. First of all, thank you very much for taking time out of your busy schedule to read the interview and present your questions. I agree with you that the public should have access to the person on the stage, so to speak. Yes, I move in very "sensitive" areas for some people. But to me, it is very familiar territory. I realize that there are those with their axes to grind, their pulpits to pound and their agendas to serve. And good for them, because they have that right. But I also have the right to ignore them, should I find they have nothing constructive to offer. (I have my own baggage, I do not need theirs). I am perfectly happy being me and satisfied with the station in life that I have arrived at, even if I had to take a couple of side roads to get there! Ha! Also I have learned to laugh at myself when I am taking myself too seriously, when I begin to think life is "real" instead of a "game". Yes, Lady Celia, I have had plenty of feedback in this area. All were men, though well meaning, kinda missed the mark, that the ladies said I hit it square on! But everyone is entitled to their opinion, as it should be. Thank you for the kind words concerning my poetry and the interview. Concerning the interview, as the person being interviewed, I am responsible for the entertainment of the public who will be receiving it. I thank you very much that you rated me so high, thank you very much! And a great thanks to Jay as a very good interviewer! By the way, as of 15 April, my web site will be on-line (www.aladysplace.com). Please drop by. It is a lady's spa for the ego, mind and spirit! Have a wonderful day and be good to you today! Charlie

(03/27/00 ZuZu, Lakewood, NJ)
ST, I like your poems and wondered if your image as a "gentleman" is something your wife would agree with or substantiate. Many times the same man who portrays himself as you do is found to be quite different from in real life. Tell me, Mr. Southern Gentleman, do your poems reflect a real you or a sellable persona? "S.T.":

"S.T.": Hello ZuZu, How are you today? Fine I trust. First of all, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read the interview, poetry and to present your comments. Truthfully, I am a Southern Gentleman that thinks that Ladies should be respected as Ladies and treated as Ladies. I tend to place all ladies on a level higher than myself. That is the way I was raised. Just like you always address a lady as "Ma'am" because it renders respect to that lady and her station in life. This is an image that I have made into a way of life and I am very comfortable with it. Every evening my lady likes her legs, neck and back rubbed and I am very pleased that she "chooses" me to accomplish this for her. I hope this helps to answers your question. Thanks for your questions and comments. Have a wonderful day. Charlie

(03/28/00 H.T., Reno, NV)
Dear S.T. Just read your poem "Touch" and have to tell you how much I like it. It is a good example of what I like about poetry. It often conveys more in a few lines. Simplicity in words says much more than overworking thousands of words sometimes. So who were your role model poets? Which poets do you admire? Thanks. H.T.

"S.T.": Hello HT, How is HT today? Great and enjoying life, I hope. First of all, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read the interview and present your comments. Thank you for your kind and gracious comments about "Touch." That particular poem was awarded an Editors Choice Award by National Library of Poetry and was featured in the separate showcase edition as A Celebration of Poets - Showcase Edition - 1998 by International Library of Poetry. So you are in very elite company - yourself and the poem. I prefer to use words that describe emotions as a verb and noun combined (to describe the human experience so it comes to life and dances, and what a dance!). Actually I did not have a role model poet, per se. All of the "great" poets who we study today were usually shunned in their own time because a lot of them were too real! I wanted to present the real drama of life, not some canned sophomoric version of Mark Anthony's oration. So I just developed my own style. This involved the people on the street, skid rows, the dingy, seamy side as well as the "down and out" because there nothing is phoney! That is bitter reality! But that is real drama, in the barest sense. If you have never been there, I am at a loss of words to describe it that you can understand! The one poet that always blew me away was William Blake, because his vision was so far out there that the English society, truly thought he was "out there!" His stuff is filled with electricity and power and runs like a "bat out of Hell." I think his stuff is good, but that is my opinion! (for what it is worth!) Again thank you for your questions and comments and have a wonderful day! Charlie

(03/30/00 Jan T., New York, NY)
S.T., What a clever poem "The Dealer" is! Very good, in fact. What made you write that poem? I am always fascinated when poem subjects are very different like that one. Also, can you tell me if we can expect to find you here on this site in the future with new material? As well as in addition to the site for ladies you've mentioned in some questions? Thanks. Jan T.

"S.T.": Hello Lady Jan, How is the lady today? First of all, thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to read the interview and present your comments. "The Dealer" is about the double standard "Do as I say, don't do as I do." It describes the smoke and mirrors that we see in our lives every day, but somehow we are supposed to keep the little ones from doing what they see us do. A lot of the poem has a lot to do with the power of money and the sense of aura that is present but does not manifest (again, smoke and mirrors). I hope that Jay will continue to allow me to post different "things" to his site. I feel Jay deserves a round of applause for what he is doing for the first three featured poets. I have some new stuff that I am working on for when I go the International Society of Poets annual Convention in Washington DC in September to be inducted. My main emphasis will be on my new site for the next several months, as each month will have completely new material as a theme. I hope you like the site which I have built specifically for you as a spa for the mind, ego and spirit of the Lady! Again, thank you for your comments and questions. Have a wonderful and be good to yourself! Charlie

(03/30/00 Beryl, Boynton Beach, FL)
Dear S.T., "Feelings" is a poem that reminds me of a dance, as it just seems to flow. "Feelings" is everything a poem should be. When I read it, it swept me right along and made me feel what you felt, think your very thoughts and I felt an intimacy with you. Have you received much feedback about this poem? Are you successful as you intended to be with this poem? Thank you for this opportunity to ask you something. Beryl

"S.T.": Hello Beryl, How are you today? Fine and wonderful, I hope. First of all, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read the interview and present your comments. Thank you for your kind and gracious comments concerning "Feelings." I have had several comments concerning this poem, though none to the extent that you have described (which, by the way, is exactly what I want you to experience). So Thank you. I truly hope that it made you feel "warm and fuzzy" inside! Personally, I expected more from it, but the public that it addressed did not see it the same way. Well, no big thing because it IS listed under the Woman part of my website, (www.aladysplace.com) which is up and running now. So my lady, you may go visit - immerse yourself to your heart's content! I will tell you that it is based on reality. That is as far as I will go with it! I thank you very much that I was able to provide you feedback to your comments. Your insight is appreciated very much. It means a lot to me when a Lady understand a Lady's poem! Again thank you for your comments and questions. Have a wonderful day and do something fun! Charlie

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