"Through the Mist"

Through the mist, I see your eyes,
   captivating, inviting, whimsical to my folly;
Drifting through the swirling wind
    I touch your hand, gently, softly....

"Hello, be not afraid", your smile beckoned,
   trembling, I chanced a touch,
     least reality steals you away.

Suddenly, strong you stand
   A warrior, steeled in courage,
      cunning, deadly,
        Death's own talisman!

The cold steel graces my chin,
   lifting my face to you in supplication;
Sheathing death, you eyes soften
    suckling my fears, calming my insecurities.

"I am afraid, afraid, afraid......"
  A soft velvet, callused hand cradles
    my whimpering, loving this trembling fool.

I arose from the mist,
   alone, save only this haunting memory...
"Am I mad, scared, or just a fool.....?"

"Come, Arise, Stand with me,
   We are partners in life's deadly game;

"Courage is your armor,
          Truth is your sword,
   Honor, Your mantel."


March 2000, "S.T." Interview sections you may visit (click)
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