In tenderness,
   the little girl beams...
touching softly,
     thought's own emotion..

Basking in radiance
     of fresh fragrant beauty..
the woman immerses herself
       into life's simmering, beautiful passion..

Pure, Virtuous, Proud,
    the Lady stands strong,
the warrior steeled in courage,
     the hand to guide from harm...

All three are a lovely, living bouquet..
  For each has her rose..
         unique and special....

"The white rose is the honor, virtue and purity of the lady...
  The red rose is the passion, love and desire of the woman...
      The pink rose, most important of all,
             is the sparkle, charm and wonder of the little girl,

that blends the Woman and the Lady..."


March 2000, "S.T." Interview sections you may visit (click)
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