"My Lady, My Lover"

Sleep sweetly,
                   my lady lover,
   drift effortlessly in love's sweet sleep,
kissing your smiling eyes,
   glimpsing into your uniqueness......

    you snuggle sleepily into me,
       as I embrace you,
our nightly warmth
   becomes our morning sunrise....."

"Gazing into my soul,
   I feel the warmth of your smile,
your essence permeates me totally,
  immersing my self,
     intertwining within your eloquence...."

"Softly your lips brush my ear,
   whispering melodies
     intoxicating my senses
effervescing within your kiss..."

"Cradling your lovely face,
    I softly kiss your loving eyes,
        touching deep within
            the love we are..."


March 2000, "S.T." Interview sections you may visit (click)
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