"The Journey"

In the dim dusk of evening,
     an ancient travel loosens a heavy load.
  slumping on an a corner stool,
speaking slowly…

"Tis a short trip,
     but a long journey twill be…
  tis filled with unexpected dangers, detours
       delicious, fruitful singular successes…"

"Beware the dangers and detours
  that far outweigh the singular delicious successes…."

Quietly, the aged one relaxes,
     Gazes directly through the crowd gathered around..
Singularly, they pressed for this journey,
     What tis it
          Where goeth it,
               Whom will be departing…….

Majestically, lifting the regal head,
     Eyes burning as brimstone…..
  "Those of ye not knowth the way will falter,
be blameless as guilt, beguiling the warrior…
  enmass will stand in delicious success,
alone, the beguiled
       will be punished for bethroled iniquities…"

"Majestically, the warrior will arise as the Phoenix,
   Free as the Zephyr,
        Radiating as the new Pegasus…
   Thus alone, the warrior is eternal,
        As enmass are finite…"

"Thus the warrior is the journey,
   ensuring essence,
      becoming in the becoming….."

Reverently perplexed,
   Enmass pondered the paradox…..
Pursuing, enmass sought the delicious success,
   but to naught,
        the aged traveler was no more…

Were the eyes merely glancing
   Of intended sweeten vanities,
      Flagrantly blooming in the moment….

Woe to the dangers and detours
   The Exchanger yet to pass..

Who will take the journey…


March 2000, "S.T." Interview sections you may visit (click)
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