"The Dealer"

In the carpeted cage by signs,
    the macabre, cries, coos, sighs,
     a bitter feast yet to grace
 an able fool is met.

"Hello, I am the Joker,
     a friend, fiend, fetish,
  something to all consumed
    a bitter dose to those of mistake..."

"Come, let me help you,
    with your incurred misfortune;
  I'll give you dreams, illusions,
    other worlds of misbelief..."

"For you see, I'm very real..
    just as your greatest triumph,
  your darkest fear....
I touch all, very equal..."

"But, I leave you to you...
  to your own devise, experience...,
    You, after all...........,
        will pay the house....."


March 2000, "S.T." Interview sections you may visit (click)
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