The Poems of Matthew D. Ward
(July, 2001 Featured Poet)

These are the poems of Matthew D. Ward. Matthew is a student from Auxier in eastern Kentucky. Matthew was featured in July, 2001 and you can read his interview by going to the interview section of my site. Matthew is the editor of ThePoetryZine.  - poetheart

"Without a Mother"

"What goes on in the mind of a dark poet?"         "The Battle"          "Early to Bed"      

 "Elderly"          "Far From Home"         "You Can Hear It"          "Rainfall"

"To Momma From Son"

"The Prison"         "The Fall of Salem"         "Swingin' in the South"        "To The Heart"

        "Chapters"         "Waiting for Rain"      "Complicated"         "Depressed Monkey"

 "Snow"         "Even in 2001"        "Masterpiece"     (NEW) "Perchè"

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