"Death of a Dream"

This is a new poem submitted by Maieh.  - poetheart 07/27/01

This night; cold, shining, resonant...
when times as such brings back old dreams.
Dreams neither words could please nor harm
such night when memories are none but clear.

As in my hand, I hold happiness
Such moment bring sudden incompleteness
At a time when, once, a dream hastily came
of which all passions and emotions, then held, are

At such nights, I held onto the memories...to the
Its coldness as if an answer to vivid triviality
As my soul, half-filled, lost to eternity
Rhythms would sound nostalgic...to melancholy

This night; poignant, resolute, dense...
the dream came back sudden and unworded
and the years of yearning, longing and wonder
now defined with one word, hardly an utter

The dream once filling me with incompleteness
now is distant, unknown, unheld
For what had once been of light and vibrance,
now dimmed and lost of feigned existence

And in my hands, the dream had slipped
when I should have saved such, I did not care
for such dream brings no more but apathy
dead of meaning, though still shining, was no longer

by Maieh

September 2001, Marylene Bauza ("Maieh") Interview sections you may visit (click)
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