"Once and Again"

This is a new poem by Maieh. Maieh is the author of "In My Eyes" "Leaving" "Fear" and other poems posted on poetheart.com.  - poetheart 08/14/01

I loved you once.
Loved you with the least knowledge
of how and when
Loved you for your optimisim
and stubborness
Loved you in ways til now
I cannot comprehend.

I loved you then.
Loved you even as I was losing
Loved you amidst the consequence
of it all
Loved you despite the indifference
in your thoughts.

For all your mistakes,
For all your idiosyncracies,
I never did stop.
Never did pause to consider
the reasons why
I shouldn't have.

I loved you once.
I loved you then.
Despite all spoken words
I love you still.

And, once more,
I find myself loving you.
Loving you regardless
of unrequitedness
Loving you despite it
being senseless
Loving you amidst
all the pretense.

I love you
for so many unexplainable reasons..
for all the unspeakable logic.

And I love you
not for the asking
but because...
I found you and
saw in you everything.

by Maieh

September 2001, Marylene Bauza ("Maieh") Interview sections you may visit (click)
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